I’ve moved to

I’m making this decision in order to better preserve an image of professionalism. I can’t be going around giving people a URL about abortion and a title about how much I hate myself whenever I talk about my English work… it’s just non-viable.

The new blog has all of my poetry and prose work set to upload at a rate of one post every three or four days for the next few months which means it’ll be transferring pretty much everything that’s on here in terms of actual written work over about two months. Then I’ll start uploading new stuff.

I plan on just posting the writing with no context or explanation in future as this leaves it more open to the reader and means I’m not forcing a specific stance onto the work. Therefore being in some regards more creative.

If you plan on sticking around that’s brilliant! if not I don’t mind. I’d rather you left if you weren’t going to enjoy this new direction.